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Performance Review and Feedback (MICROLEARNING)

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***Discover the secrets to conducting an effective performance review.


Gossip-Proof Your Workplace (MICROLEARNING)

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***Keep negative gossip at bay to create a better work environment.


Can You Recover From a Workplace Mistake? (MICROLEARNING)

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***Find out how to survive a mistake at work.


How to Develop a Performance Improvement Plan (MICROLEARNING)

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***Learn how to craft an effective performance improvement plan.


Time Management Essentials

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***Time is both precious and fleeting, and many of us feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  This course will give you core strategies to tackle that problem.  First, you’ll learn the basic principles of time management, along with some symptoms that could uncover  poor uses of time. Then, you’ll discover how to track and analyze your time to boost productivity. Finally, you’ll get seven tips to start managing your time more effectively. 


Problem-Solving Fundamentals

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***In this course, you’ll start with a five-step problem-solving process anyone can use. Then, you’ll learn some strategies and behaviors to make problem-solving easier. Finally, you’ll get tips for rising above challenges and barriers that will inevitably come your way.


How to Build Better Relationships With Your Boss and Coworkers

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***In this course, you’ll learn how being a better teammate and employee can help you foster better working relationships with your coworkers and boss. You’ll also analyze the role you play in strengthening—or weakening—your workplace relationships with the help of some do’s and don’ts. You’ll also learn how to repair a relationship that’s been damaged.


Dealing With Stress, Pressure, and Burnout

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***This course will help you define stress, pressure, and burnout, recognizing the unique ways they show up for you. You’ll be able to evaluate your work and lifestyle to identify opportunities for healing. You’ll also get valuable strategies to manage the effects of stress, pressure, and burnout. By the end of the course, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how these forces affect you—and what you can do about it.


Working with Upset Customers

***FREE FOR VESERIS CUSTOMERS***In this course, you’ll learn why customers get upset and how to defuse those situations with an effective apology and action plan for making things right. Then, you’ll learn to spot when customers go too far, so you can protect yourself from abuse.

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