CEU Requirements

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CEU Requirements: GA-Structural

To earn continuing education units (CEUs) for the Georgia Structural Pest Control Section (SPCS), your license or registration must be entered in our system as GA-StructuralIf your license is entered as GA-Agricultural, your course attendance will not be reported to the the SPCS.  Go to Manage Licenses to update your license information.

In order to earn CEUs, the Georgia SPCS requires you to spend a minimum of 55 minutes in each course and pass final quizzes with at least 70% correct answers.

Course attendance is reported to the Georgia SPCS at the beginning of each month for the previous month and will not post to their website immediately after completing a course.

Computer based training limitations

  • Registered Employees: no more than 4 hours for Household Pest Control, 4 hours for Wood Destroying Organisms and 1 hour for Fumigation.
  • Certified Operators: no more than 10 hours for Household Pest Control, 10 hours for Wood Destroying Organisms and 5 hours for Fumigation.

By purchasing a course to fulfill Georgia SPCS continuing education requirements, you are agreeing to the following fraud statement:

I am aware that I may be subject to penalties if I have made any misrepresentation of facts knowing that such statement is false for the purpose of defrauding or deceiving for the benefit of myself or anyone else.  I am aware also that this voluntary agreement may make me subject to a penalty under the provisions of the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act, including license, certification, and/or registration suspension, cancelation, or revocation.


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