CEU Requirements

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CEU Requirements: AZ-PMD

The Arizona Dept. of Agriculture has two divisions:

  • Pest Management Divison (PMD) is for structural PMPs
  • Environmental Services Division (ESD) is for agriculture
If you are a structural PMP and have entered your CA or QA license as AZ-ESD, your course attendance will not be reported to the correct division.  If you have selected AZ-ESD, click "Manage Licenses" to delete and re-enter your license(s) as AZ-PMD.  You may enter more than one license (both CA & QA) under AZ-PMD.  Enter your license number, NOT your ID number.

AZ-PMD requires you to spend a minimum of 50 minutes in each course and pass the final exam with at least 70% correct answers in order to receive continuing education units.

NOTE: Course attendance is not reported to AZ-PMD automatically upon course completion.  It is reported manually within 10 days, according to AZ-PMD requirements.  Allow at least 10 days from the date a course is completed for CEUs to post to your license.  CEUs are earned based upon the date a course is completed, not the date attendance is reported.   

Complete a CEU Course Quality Survey (click here to download).  We are required to provide this to you so you can submit the completed form to AZ-PMD.

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