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Showing 37 types of SCALES

Barnacle Scale

Latin Name: Ceroplastes cirripediformis

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Possibly native to temperate climates in the U.S., and now found from California to Florida.

Black Pineleaf Scale

Latin Name: Nuculaspis californica

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Native to North America, and distributed across the entire eastern half of the U.S. and into southern Canada, as well as in all states from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast. It also has been found in localized areas of mountains in northern Mexico and into British Columbia.

Black Scale

Latin Name: Saisettia oleae

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Believed to be native to South Africa, but now found throughout the world in mild climates where susceptible plants grow. It is a particular pest of olive trees, but also attacks oleander, citrus, and some other forest and landscape trees and shrubs.

Brown Soft Scale

Latin Name: Coccus hesperidum

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Appears to be native to the Southeast United States.

Cactus Scale

Latin Name: Diaspis echinocacti

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Probably native to North America, and spread to other parts of the world on exported plant parts.

Calico Scale

Latin Name: Eulecanium cerasorum

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Uncertain, as some references indicate it is a native species while others indicate it entered the U.S. in San Francisco in the early 1900’s, and from there spread throughout the U.S. Now an extremely common pest of ornamental trees and shrubs, including liquidamber, elm, magnolia, locust, crabapple, maple, pyracantha, and all stone fruit trees such as peach, apricot, and plum.

California Red Scale

Latin Name: Aonidiella aurantii

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Uncertain, but currently it is found worldwide in citrus growing regions. It is a major pest concern in the citrus industry in California, and in other parts of the world has been found infesting almond, pear, plum, and roses.

Cochineal Scales

Latin Name: Dactylopiidae

Latin Family Name: Dactylopiidae

Native to Latin America and the southwest United States. Where the host cacti have been introduced to other countries the scale is now present as well, such as Spain and Australia.

Cottony Cushion Scale

Latin Name: Icerya purchasi

Latin Family Name: Margarodidae

Native to Australia, and first found in the U.S. in California around 1868 as a hitchhiker on acacia plants. Within 10 years it was a major pest on citrus in the west, and now is found worldwide on many kinds of plants. Because of the serious economic nature of this pest a major effort was made to find natural controls, leading to the discovery of Vedalia ladybird beetles that effectively preyed on it in California. When these predatory beetles were later sent to Florida the shipment included some of the scales, inadvertently introducing the pest to that state and its citrus industry. It is now found along the southern states from California to North Carolina.

Cottony Maple Scale

Latin Name: Pulvinaria innumerabilis

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Native to eastern North America, but now found throughout the U.S.

Euonymus Scale

Latin Name: Unaspis euonymi

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Native to Japan and China, but now well established throughout the U.S. and into Canada wherever suitable host plants are used in landscaping.

European Elm Scale

Latin Name: Gossyparia spuria

Latin Family Name: Eriococcidae

Native to Europe but introduced to North America, where it is found throughout the continent where elm trees are grown.

European Fruit Lecanium

Latin Name: Parthenolecanium corni

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Despite its common name this is a native insect in North America, and is found in many fruit growing states.

Frosted Scale

Latin Name: Parthenolecanium pruinosum

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Native to the mountains of Mexico, but now present in several states in the U.S., including California and Pennsylvania, and north into western Canada. It also is found in Australia.

Greedy Scale

Latin Name: Hemiberlesia rapax

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Believed to be native to Europe, although it was originally described from specimens found in North America. It is now found in all temperate and tropical regions of the world.

Ground Pearls

Latin Name: Margarodes Spp.

Latin Family Name: Margarodidae

Some species likely native to North America, but others found in Australia. In the U.S. they have been found in the southwest states and the southeast states.

Hemispherical Scale

Latin Name: Saisettia coffeae

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Originated in South America, but now a common scale insect throughout the United States in greenhouses and interiorscape plantings.

Irregular Pine Scale

Latin Name: Toumeyella pinicola

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Uncertain, but likely native to North America.

Juniper scale

Latin Name: Carulaspis juniperi

Native to Europe but now found throughout the world where host plants are available.

Kuno Scale

Latin Name: Eulecanium kunoense

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Native to the Orient, but introduced into the western U.S. on imported plants.

Lac Insects

Latin Name: Lacciferidae

Some native species occur in North America

Latania Scale

Latin Name: Hemiberlesia lataniae

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Believed to be native to Europe, but now present in all tropical and many temperate regions of the world.

Magnolia scale

Latin Name: Neolecanium cornuparvum

This is a native insect in eastern North America.

Minute Cypress Scale

Latin Name: Carulaspis minima

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Native to the western hemisphere, where it is found primarily in southern states and in the Caribbean.

Oak kermes

Latin Name: Kermes spp.

These are native insects in North America.

Oak lecanium

Latin Name: Parthenolecanium quercifex

Possibly a native insect in North America.

Oak Pit Scale

Latin Name: Asterolecanium Spp.

Latin Family Name: Asterolecaniidae

Uncertain, but probably native to North America. It is found throughout the U.S. where it infests many species of oak trees.

Obscure scale

Latin Name: Melanaspis obscura

A probable native insect in North America.

Oleander Scale

Latin Name: Aspidiotus nerii

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Native to the deserts of southern California, but now found worldwide in warm or arid environments where imported plants have brought the insect to that region. Present throughout the U.S. and in Hawaii.

Oystershell Scale

Latin Name: Lapidosaphes ulmi

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Thought to have originated in temperate Eurasia, but now found throughout the world.

Pine Needle Scale

Latin Name: Chionaspis pinifoliae

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Native to North America, and found throughout the country and Canada. It attacks a wide variety of pines, spruces, and cypress species.

San Jose Scale

Latin Name: Quadraspidiotus perniciousus

Latin Family Name: Diaspididae

Native to the Orient, and introduced on imported plants around 1870, where it was discovered in the area of San Jose, California. It since spread throughout the U.S. to become a devastating pest on fruit trees such as apple, plum, pear, cherry, peach, gooseberry, apricot, and others. With the introduction of DDT and other persistent insecticides in the 1940s this scale nearly disappeared from crops, but has since begun a resurgence due to lack of management and decreased spraying.

Sycamore Scale

Latin Name: Stomacoccus platani

Latin Family Name: Margarodidae

Uncertain, but possibly native to North America.

Thorn Scale

Latin Name: Eulecanium tiliae

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Possibly European in origin, as it is found commonly throughout Europe and in Asia, as well as in much of North America.

Tulip Tree Scale

Latin Name: Toumeyella liriodendri

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Native to North America.

Wax Scale

Latin Name: Ceroplastes Spp.

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Presumed to be native to the Oriental region, but now found throughout the world in temperate and tropical climates.

Wooly Pine Scale

Latin Name: Pseudophilippia quaintancii

Latin Family Name: Coccidae

Native to North America

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