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Showing 8 types of PSYLLIDS

Acacia Psyllid

Latin Name: Acizzia uncatoides

Latin Family Name: Psyllidae

Native to Australia, where many acacia plants originated, carrying their associated insect pests when imported. Now found throughout the world in association with Acacia and Albizia, including in Hawaii on Koa trees.

Asian citrus psyllid

Latin Name: Diaphorina citri

This pest is native to Asia, but now has spread to other tropical regions throughout the world and was first discovered in Florida in 1998. Subsequently it has spread throughout the southern states to Louisiana as well as to California and the important citrus industry there.

Cottony ash psyllid

Latin Name: Psyllopsis decrepans

Latin Family Name: Psyllidae

Eugenia psyllid

Latin Name: Trioza eugeniae

Latin Family Name: Psyllidae

Native to Australia, as is Eugenia plants (bush cherry), and imported to the U.S. along with the plants.

Pear psylla

Latin Name: Psylla pyricola

Latin Family Name: Psyllidae

Native to Europe, but introduced to North America in the early 1800’s where it now is the most important insect pest of pears in the U.S.

Red gum lerp psyllid

Latin Name: Glycaspis brimblecombei

Latin Family Name: Psyllidae

Native to Australia, and now found in the U.S. in California, Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii, as well as in Mexico.

Tomato Psyllid

Latin Name: Paratrioza cockerelli

Latin Family Name: Psyllidae

Willow Psyllid

Latin Name: Cacopsylla groenlandica

Latin Family Name: Psyllidae

Likely native to North America.

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