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Pest Information

Willow Psyllid

Willow Psyllid

  • Latin Name: Cacopsylla groenlandica
  • Common Name: Willow Psyllid
  • Latin Family Name: Psyllidae
  • Other Names: Common willow psyllid

Pest Details

Willow Psyllid


Likely native to North America.


One of nearly 60 species of psyllid in the genus Cacopsylla, this is a minor pest on willow and other ornamental trees.


Winged adults are extremely similar to aphids, but lack the pair of cornicles at the top rear of the abdomen that aphids have. They have wings much longer than the abdomen and dark bands running across the abdomen. Body color is yellow-green.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Generally present in low numbers and not requiring a control effort. Chemical sprays can be effective if they are able to contact the insects, concentrating on the lower surface of the leaves. A systemic such as imidacloprid appears to be effective, moving the active ingredient into the leaf tissue so it is ingested during insect feeding. Neem oil and other tree oils also have given positive results against some psyllid infestations.

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