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Customer Spotlights


Ask Bill Menefee what initially drew him into the pest control industry, and the answer is simple. “I like people,” he says. “And I like helping people.” 12 years ago, Menefee was a facility manager at a frozen foods company when he heard the owner of Atlantic Pest Control was looking to sell the business. Intrigued, Menefee went on several ride-alongs. He loved it — so much, in fact, that he bought the business. And little by little, he learned the ropes, gained experience, and grew the company. Today, Atlantic Pes...

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Rob Seeger – President, RJS Pest Management – New York, NY   When you ask Rob Seeger, President of RJS Pest Management, what the secret to building a successful company is, you’ll get a simple answer.   “Hard work,” Rob said. “We’ve earned and built everything we have today. No mergers, no acquisitions, just hard work.” Rob began putting in the hard labor on his very first day as president of RJS six years ago.   His first task was to build a team that could match h...

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  Tim Bricker – Bricker Pest Control – Bay City, TX   Tim Bricker’s entire business strategy can be summed in six words: winners go home in the dark.   For Bricker, who operates Bricker Pest Control with his wife Barbara, it’s more than an inspirational quote. He lives out his motto quite literally. It’s not uncommon for Bricker and his staff to work late into the night, ensuring all their customers’ needs are met. “The day I hired my first employee outside my family...

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Rod Diehl – Rod Diehl Pest Control – Sonora, CA   It’s common for Rod Diehl’s customers to be surprised when he — the namesake of Rod Diehl Pest Control — personally shows up at their homes.   “They’re like, ‘You’re the Rod? We expected you to be playing golf and having one of your minions coming out,’” Diehl says. “I just explain to them, I love this work. I enjoy it every single day. I want to meet every customer and hear about their ups and ...

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Jason Payne - President, Payne Pest Management – San Diego, CA   When you talk to Jason Payne, President of Payne Pest Management, one thing is abundantly clear: exceptional customer service is his foremost priority.   Taking care of the customer first is a benchmark of doing business that Payne inherited from his parents, Willie & Kathleen, who have worked in the pest control industry for many, many years before founding their company in 2006.   “In this business the customer is not just buy...

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