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Rob Seeger – President, RJS Pest Management – New York, NY


When you ask Rob Seeger, President of RJS Pest Management, what the secret to building a successful company is, you’ll get a simple answer.


“Hard work,” Rob said. “We’ve earned and built everything we have today. No mergers, no acquisitions, just hard work.” Rob began putting in the hard labor on his very first day as president of RJS six years ago.


His first task was to build a team that could match his unwavering work ethic and can-do attitude. Rob reflected on this important step and now attributes the strength of RJS to his leadership team, a group he thinks very highly of.


“One of the biggest factors [in success] was hiring great leadership. There are no layers of fluff here. Everyone has a role and is busy all of the time. With that being said, we treat each other like family and work in an enjoyable environment.”


Once the leadership began to take place, the group started growing the business by knocking on doors, making office calls, and meeting face-to-face with potential customers. This simple approach, combined with a relentless spirit, made RJS an admired pest control partner.


Along with this great respect came opportunity for industry leadership. Recognizing that Veseris is also an industry leader, Rob and RJS recently partnered with us to put on a Zika conference. The conference was focused on educating customers and potential customers about the Zika virus and its impact on businesses, citizens, and pest control solutions. 


Rob is interested in putting on similar events in the future to help educate and advance those involved in pest control. Whether Rob’s next move is another conference or growing his business, he’s sure to succeed due to his hard work and commitment to the industry.

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