CEU Requirements

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CEU Requirements: CA-SPCB

To earn continuing education units for Structural Pest Control Board approved courses, your license must be entered as CA-SPCB.  If your license is entered as CA-CDPR, your attendance will not be reported to the SPCB.  To make changes, select the "Update this License Information" link next to the license.

If  you successfully complete courses but enter your license information after the end of the month, your attendance will not have been reported to the SPCB.  Enter your license information beforehand.

Pay attention to course expiration dates.  Courses are not approved indefinitely, have different expiration dates and must be completed before they expire in order to earn CEUs.

The SPCB requires you to pass the final exam with at least 70% correct answers in order to receive continuing education units.  You must also spend a minimum of 50 minutes in each course.  A course may only be taken once during a licensing period and earn continuing education units.

Print your Certificate of Completion from either the final page after the final exam or at any time from the "My Course History" link.  This certificate is your proof of course attendance.  You may need to submit a copy of it with your license renewal.

Courses for Applicators:
  • Any courses approved for Rules & Regulations (R&R) or IPM credit
  • Technical courses also approved for Pesticide Application & Use (PAU) credit

Refer to the "State Credit Type" column in the course list below.

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