CEU Requirements

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CEU Requirements: CO-CDA

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) requires you to spend a minimum of 60 minutes in each course and pass the final test with at least 70% correct answers in order to receive continuing education units.

Course attendance is reported electronically to the CDA.  Print a course certificate from the My Course History link on the left for your records. 

In order to receive CEUs, you must submit a photo of yourself to the CDA at the time of course completion. Label the photo file with your first name, last name and license number and e-mail to nick.d'ambrosio@state.co.us.

By taking any of the following courses to fulfill the CDA's continuing education requirements, you are agreeing to the following fraud statement:

I attest that I am the applicator taking this on-line course and understand that, should it be proven that this statement is false, the continuing education credits approved for the successful completion of this course will be denied and I may be subject to penalties under the Colorado Pesticide Applicators’ Act for making false or fraudulent representations.

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