• Thu Jan 16 2014

    What is an Aerosol?

    By definition, an aerosol is a suspension of fine particles of a solid or liquid in a gas. For PMPs, a more practical explanation is that it is a formulation of an active ingredient applied as fine particles by a pressurized system (not including thermal- generated aerosols). The system may mechanically produce the suspension by using a high-pressure air stream or from a pressurized container, such as various ready-to-use cans, cylinders and total-release foggers.Today, there is a new delivery system appearing in our business called bag-on-valve (BOV) technology. BOVs look like traditional ...

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  • Thu Dec 5 2013

    The best liquid termiticide just got better.

    Termidor® H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide from BASF is an evolutionary step in sustainable termite control. It requires less water, smaller soil trenches and wider rod spacing—while providing the same outstanding termite control as its predecessor, Termidor® SC termiticide/insecticide.In 2000, BASF revolutionized the termite industry with Termidor® termiticide/ insecticide, which provided 100 percent control of termites in three months or less. With its introduction, re-treatment rates fell to less than 1 percent and it soon became the leading termite control product in the U.S.BASF scienti...

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  • Thu Nov 7 2013

    Shedding light on fly control

    There are over 120,000 species of fly worldwide, each evolved to make the most of their habitat. The majority of flies use Ultraviolet (UVA) light to navigate. Natural light is made up of many frequencies and flies typically see in the UVA wavelength range of 340-375 nm.The two key aspects of a Pest Management Professional’s (PMP) role in fly control should combine specifying the type of Insect Light Trap (ILT) as well as positioning the ILT strategically for optimized fly attraction. For example, a high voltage “zapper” unit should not be installed in food preparation areas due to the dang...

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  • Mon Oct 7 2013

    Catch more flies faster and watch profits rocket

    Genus® by Brandenburg is the world’s leading range of Insect Light Traps (ILTs) proven to catch more flies, faster. Each member of the Genus® family is packed with innovative technology, robust build quality, and easy-to-service features—resulting in easy installation  and less maintenance downtime.All Genus® ILTs are designed with ease of servicing in mind. Hinged covers swing away from the body, providing full access to glue boards and lamps. Our universal glue board fits most Genus® ILTs, reducing stock holding and simplifying routine maintenance. This feature also enables pest mana...

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  • Mon Sep 9 2013

    Why IPM for Rodent Control Works

    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the ideal approach taken for rodent control, combining economical practices with environmental sensitivity. This system utilizes both preventive and corrective measures in order to minimize harm caused by rodents and other pests.There are four main steps to IPM: 1. Set Action Thresholds 2. Monitor & Identify 3. Prevention4. ControlThe first step is to Set Action Thresholds which means determining a point where pest control action must be taken. One mouse does not always mean control is needed. Determine what your criteria are and stick ...

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  • Thu Aug 8 2013

    Building a Better Mousetrap

    AP&G has introduced the Catchmaster® Slim™ Multi-CatchMouse Trap as the latest addition to the new line of Catchmaster® mechanicalrodent traps (featured on page 7). The Slim’s™ innovative design addresses manyof the common problems currently experienced by PMPs using traditional traps inboth commercial/ industrial and residential settings. The current industry standard in warehouses, foodprocessing/prep, and other commercial areas is the common metal, multiple-catchstyle. These traps, while useful in many locations, have limited placementoptions. Due to their size and shape, they cannot...

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  • Thu Aug 1 2013

    PestWeb® Product Reviews Sweepstakes

    Are you ready to review and win?Beginning August 1 through December 31, any PMP end-user registered with Premier Services can win a monthly prize – an Apple TV – for rating products and writing product reviews through the Ratings & Reviews forum. Monthly Winners: At the end of each month, any participants who reviewed 5 or more products within the month will be automatically entered into a drawing, in which one winner will be awarded  an Apple TV!Why wait, review those products now!1. HOW TO ENTER: NO PURCHASE OR INTERNET ACCESS NECESSARY.  A...

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  • Mon Jul 15 2013

    PestWeb® Highlights

    1) You can quickly keep your personal information current and accurate by selecting the “My Account” feature in Premier Services. Here you can update address and phone number changes and even change your Premier Services password if you feel it is necessary. Find this link at the bottom of the home page on PestWeb under “My Account.”2) PestWeb has a help resource that offers dozens of answers for commonly asked questions about the website and resource. If you are having concerns with any area of PestWeb, check the “Help” tab to find the responses that may help. 3) PestWeb now offers ma...

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  • Sat Jun 15 2013

    PestWeb® Highlights

    1) PestWeb allows you to re-print Certificates of Completion for any of the online courses you have taken on Master Technician. Just select the “My History” tab in the Master Technician section and select the course and license you want to print. You must be registered for Premier Services to access Master Technician.2) You can convert much of the information on PestWeb to other languages – Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese – by selecting the “Translate” tab and the language you prefer. This makes many of PestWeb’s resources more useful for non-English speaking employees.3) Have a dif...

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  • Sat Jun 1 2013

    A Glove on the Hand is Worth More Than You’d Guess

    With the introduction of new age glove fibers to replace yesteryear’s leather and cotton work gloves, hand protection and personal protection equipment (PPE) is on an uptrend in winning the war against hand injuries. Gloves can’t do it all, but the proper glove can do a great deal to ensure that workers end the day with their hands and fingers intact. For the U.S. population in general, the hand is the leading body part injured at work and treated in hospital emergency rooms, with hand injuries sending an estimated 1,080,000 workers to the hospital annually, according to the Centers for Dis...

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