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  • Sat Jun 1 2013

    A Glove on the Hand is Worth More Than You’d Guess

    With the introduction of new age glove fibers to replace yesteryear’s leather and cotton work gloves, hand protection and personal protection equipment (PPE) is on an uptrend in winning the war against hand injuries. Gloves can’t do it all, but the proper glove can do a great deal to ensure that workers end the day with their hands and fingers intact. For the U.S. population in general, the hand is the leading body part injured at work and treated in hospital emergency rooms, with hand injuries sending an estimated 1,080,000 workers to the hospital annually, according to the Centers for Dis...

  • Wed May 15 2013

    A PestWeb® Highlight

    PestWeb has a help resource that offers dozens of answers for commonly asked questions about the website and resource. If you are having concerns with any area of PestWeb check the “Help” tab to find the responses that may help you. You can quickly keep your personal information current and accurate by selecting the “My Account” feature in Premier Services. Here you can update address and phone number changes and even change your Premier Services password if you feel it is necessary. Find this link at the bottom of the home page on PestWeb under “My Account.”Product labels and safety d...

  • Wed May 1 2013

    Why Bird Control?

    Each year thousands of dollars are spent to clean up after the mess made by urban pest birds. Pest birds, such as pigeons, crows, and gulls, love to use building surfaces to land, roost, and build their nests. Bird feces is acidic and will quickly erode building materials, and carries any of 60 transmittable diseases. To prevent the spread of disease and prevent property damage, it’s important to install a bird control system before the bird problem gets out of control.When planning a bird control solution for your customers, it is important to be sure you know what types of birds are probl...

  • Mon Apr 15 2013

    A PestWeb® Highlight

    Through PestWeb you can see exactly which of our approved Master Technician online training courses are needed for your state’s licensing requirements. Select the “State CEU Info” tab and then your state to view the entire list of approved courses; then select the course to take from this list. PestWeb’s suite of “Premier Services” is filled with resources reserved for our active customers. Your Password and User ID provide access to many valuable resources, such as Product Documents, Bed Bug Information, Master Technician online training, and many others.Whether you are looking to buy...

  • Mon Apr 1 2013

    Woodstream Launches New Victor Moleworms

    Victor, the mole control experts, now offers an affordable Moleworm bait in a complete kit that includes all of the tools required to inspect and successfully treat a homeowner’s infested lawn. New Victor Moleworms uses the same proven active ingredient, Bromethalin, that you’ve used in the past, but now it’s formulated into a moleworm that looks and feels exactly like a common earthworm. Woodstream worked in a lab with captive moles for five years, carefully observing the moles’ eating habits and food preferences. Through this research, Woodstream has created a bait worm that moles wi...

  • Thu Mar 21 2013

    PestWeb Product Reviews Sweepstakes March Winners

    March Weekly Winners: Kevin A., Clinton, OK Chris C., Roseburg, OR Jerry F., Dewey, AZTim M., Kirkland, WAAndy P., Bloomingdale, MI Dave P., Grand Rapids, MI Don't see your name here? It's not too late to post a review for your chance to win in one of two ways:

  • Fri Mar 15 2013

    A PestWeb® Highlight

    You can convert much of the information on PestWeb to other languages – Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese – by selecting the “Translate” tab and the language you prefer. This makes many of PestWeb’s resources more useful for non-English speaking employees. PestWeb now offers many generic “Inspection Reports” that you and your technicians can use in your IPM program for important accounts. You can’t fight the enemy if you don’t know where it is and what the contributing conditions are for that pest. Download these report forms now in the “Business Tools” section of PestWeb.Have a ...

  • Fri Mar 1 2013

    New Research on the Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector

    One of the biggest benefits of buying from FMC is that the company continues to test its products even after they go to market. This means you can pursue new opportunities with the products you are already using every day and stay up-to-date on the latest application techniques – as dictated by some of the brightest minds in the business. With the Verifi bed bug detector, it’s no different. Since the product debuted in 2012, Dr. Dina Richman of FMC has continued to put Verifi to the test, both in the lab and in the field, working with university cooperators such as Dr. Phil Koehler of the U...

  • Fri Feb 15 2013

    PestWeb® Highlights: Industry Information

    PestWeb offers many helpful links to websites with important and valuable information on bed bugs and proper bed bug management. You can find this ever-growing list in the “Industry” tab, under PestWeb Features. PestWeb allows you to re-print Certificates of Completion for any of the online courses you have taken on Master Technician. Just select the “My History” tab in Master Technician section and select the course and license you want to print. You must be registered for Premier Services to access Master Technician.The Classified Ads section of PestWeb, found within the Business Too...

  • Thu Feb 7 2013

    Stay "Connected" while you're on the go

    We're happy to announce the release of the CONNECTIVITY app, the perfect tool to keep you connected while you're on the go.  Providing enhanced readability for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android), the CONNECTIVITY app enables you to access all of the newsletter's multi-media content from the convenience of your tablet or smart phone. To download this free app, visit your app store (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon), search "Univar Connectivity" and look for the app icon or click on a link below from your mobile device.