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Showing 4 types of MOSQUITOES

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Latin Name: Aedes albopictus

This species is native to Asia but was introduced into Hawaii in the late 1900’s and was found in the continental U.S. in Texas in 1985. It now is found in at least 26 states and as far north as Minnesota and Pennsylvania, south to Florida, and west to West Texas. It also is now found in South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, in Africa and Europe, and in Australia and several major islands of the South Pacific. It’s spread has been tied in some cases to the movement of automobile tires and the larvae living in water in these tires.

House Mosquitoes

Latin Name: Culex sp.

These may be native species in North America.

Malaria Mosquitoes

Latin Name: Anopheles sp.

Latin Family Name: Culicidae

Approximately 16 species in North America, most considered native to the continent.

Yellow Fever Mosquito

Latin Name: Aedes aegypti

This species is found throughout the world in tropical regions, its true origin not well known.

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