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American Cockroach

Latin Name: Periplaneta americana

Latin Family Name: Blattidae

Possibly from northern Africa or Asia, but found worldwide for many centuries now. It occurs throughout the United States as a common indoor and outdoor cockroach, and in some areas may be more common than the German roach.

Asian Cockroach

Latin Name: Blattella asahinai

Latin Family Name: Blattellidae

Native to Asia, but introduced into Florida in the early 1980’s, where it has spread widely in the state, as well as into Georgia. It is believed it is capable of surviving in virtually all coastal states on both the east and west coasts.

Australian Cockroach

Latin Name: Periplaneta australasiae

Latin Family Name: Blattidae

Despite its common name this species actually is native to northern Africa, but now it is found throughout the world. It is a tropical species, and while it is found throughout the United States it has become established outdoors only in the more hot and humid areas. It may be found, though, in greenhouses or areas of structures in all states, and is established in Florida and much of California.

Brown Cockroach

Latin Name: Periplaneta brunnea

Latin Family Name: Blattidae

Possibly from northern Africa, and now established in the southeastern states of the United States, from Texas to Florida and in Hawaii. It is occasionally found in other states as a possible transient carried in packages.

Brownbanded Cockroach

Latin Name: Supella supellectilium

Latin Family Name: Blattellidae

Considered to be African in origin, but found in the United States around 1900 and now spread into all states. It is more common in warmer southern states than in the northern areas.

Cinereous (Lobster) Cockroach

Latin Name: Nauphoaeta cinerea

Latin Family Name: Blaberidae

Not mentioned, but it is a tropical species currently found in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States, where it is a resident in Hawaii and Florida, and it occurs in other southern states. It also has been found in California as a possible import from Asia in food packaging.

Cuban Cockroach

Latin Name: Panchlora nivea

Latin Family Name: Blaberidae

Native to Latin America this species has been introduced to Florida, where it now is a resident. It occasionally may occur in other states as a transient species carried in packages or vehicles.

Field Cockroach

Latin Name: Blattella vaga

Latin Family Name: Blattellidae

Presumed to have originated in Asia, but found in the United States in Arizona in 1933. It now inhabits a wide range from Texas to the west coast and north through California.

Florida Woods Cockroach

Latin Name: Eurycotis floridana

Latin Family Name: Blattidae

Native to the Southeast of the U.S., where it may occur in Florida as well as the West Indies.

German Cockroach

Latin Name: Blattella germanica

Latin Family Name: Blattellidae

Apparently the German roach originated in Africa, but was transported through early commerce to Europe and now is found throughout the world.

Madeira Cockroach

Latin Name: Rhyparobia maderae

Latin Family Name: Blaberidae

Possibly West African in origin, it is found in South America and the West Indies, in the Mediterranean area, and southern Africa. In the U.S. it is found in Hawaii and in areas of New York with heavy immigrant populations. It has been found in California, probably as a transient carried on vehicles, and is frequently intercepted on marine vessels at seaports.

Oriental Cockroach

Latin Name: Blatta orientalis

Latin Family Name: Blattidae

Believed to have originated in Africa, but now found throughout the world.

Smokybrown Cockroach

Latin Name: Periplaneta fuliginosa

Latin Family Name: Blattidae

Possibly native to Asia, but currently found in the United States from Florida west to Texas and north to North Carolina. They also occur occasionally in California, from the Los Angeles area north to at least Sacramento.

Surinam Cockroach

Latin Name: Pycnoscelus surinamensis

Latin Family Name: Blaberidae

Not mentioned, but it is found throughout the world in tropical and humid environments, and in the U.S. it is found as a resident from Texas to Florida, as well as occurring occasionally in many other states from coast to coast.

Turkestan cockroach

Latin Name: Blatta lateralis

Native to central and southwest Asia, but now introduced to the southern and southwest United States, where it is commonly encountered in California to Texas. It is possible it was introduced in military equipment returning from activities in the Middle East in the late 1970’s.

Wood Cockroaches

Latin Name: Parcoblatta sp.

Latin Family Name: Blattellidae

This genus of cockroaches in native to North America, with various species found throughout the entire area. The Pennsylvania wood roach is found east of the Rocky Mountains.

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