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Pest Information

Cuban Cockroach

Cuban Cockroach

  • Latin Name: Panchlora nivea
  • Common Name: Cuban Cockroach
  • Latin Family Name: Blaberidae
  • Other Names: Green Cuban roach

Pest Details

Cuban Cockroach
Cuban Cockroach


Native to Latin America this species has been introduced to Florida, where it now is a resident. It occasionally may occur in other states as a transient species carried in packages or vehicles.


This is primarily an outdoor species that is capable of flight and is attracted to lights, drawing it to structures where it may invade as a nuisance pest.


Adults are about 1 inch long and are a light green color. They have fully developed wings that are much longer than the abdomen, and they are somewhat narrow in appearance. Nymphs are dark brown.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control involves primarily preventing it from entering a structure, and reducing the attraction of lighting will help keep them away. Perimeter treatments with a residual insecticide are effective at killing the individuals that attempt to enter.

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