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Pest Information

Florida Woods Cockroach

Florida Woods Cockroach

  • Latin Name: Eurycotis floridana
  • Common Name: Florida Woods Cockroach
  • Latin Family Name: Blattidae
  • Other Names: Stinking cockroach, Palmetto bug

Pest Details

Florida Woods Cockroach
Florida Woods Cockroach
Florida Woods Cockroach


Native to the Southeast of the U.S., where it may occur in Florida as well as the West Indies.


When disturbed this roach gives off a foul smelling liquid that gives it its popular name of “stinking” cockroach. Typically it will be found outdoors under materials on the ground such as lumber or thick leaf mulch or in thick vegetation, but occasionally makes its way inside structures where it may migrate to lower areas such as a basement. It is essentially a tropical species that cannot survive cold climates, and it will be found where moisture is available. It often will be found on roofs where it is able to get under roofing materials.


Adults are up to 2 inches in length and are a shiny black to deep mahogany red. Adults have very short wings tucked tightly near the head, making them appear to be wingless, but they are capable of flight.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Not considered a major pest problem outdoors, but it can be controlled with bait granules as well as applications of residual insecticides to hiding places or around possible entry points into structures. Habitat modification to remove harborage opportunities is important in landscaped areas. Closing entry points permanently is a good practice to prevent it from getting inside. It cannot survive if it is trapped indoors, and vacuuming may be an appropriate control.

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