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Annual Sowthistle

Latin Name: Sonchus Oleraceus

Native to Europe and found commonly throughout North America.

Broom Groundsel

Latin Name: Senecio Spartioides

Native to the western United States.


Latin Name: Heterotheca Subaxillaris

Native to North America, and found widely from the east coast along the southern 2/3 of the United States to California, and south into Mexico.

Canada Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Arvense

Native to southeastern Eurasia, but introduced to Canada in contaminated crop seeds in the 18th century, and now found throughout the northern half of the United States and southern Canada.


Latin Name: Chichorium Intybus

Native to Europe, but now found throughout the United States, and especially abundant in the northern and western states where it is a common roadside weed.

Common Cocklebur

Latin Name: Xanthium Strumarium

Native to North America and found throughout the United States, as well as many other temperate areas of the world. It is particularly common in the southern states and into Mexico.

Common Groundsel

Latin Name: Senecio Vulgaris

Introduced from Europe, and now widespread in the northern United States and Canada, and as far south as Texas and throughout the western states. An extremely common winter and spring weed.

Common Ragweed

Latin Name: Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Native to the eastern United States, and still most common there, but found throughout North America.

Common Yarrow

Latin Name: Achillea Millefolium

Native to Eurasia, but naturalized in the United States and common and widespread throughout North America.


Latin Name: Taraxacum Officinale

Introduced from Europe and now widespread and extremely common across North America.


Latin Name: Eupatorium Capillifolium

A native plant in North America, and found from New Jersey south to Florida, and west to Missouri and Texas. It also can be found in Latin America south to Guatemala and in the West Indies.


Latin Name: Eclipta Prostrata

Native to the eastern United States, but now spread throughout the country, most commonly found in the southern U.S.


Latin Name: Solidago Spp.

Over 150 species of goldenrod occur in North America, and some will be found in every state including Hawaii, throughout Canada and into Latin America and the West Indies. Many of the species are native plants in North America.


Latin Name: Conyza Canadensis

Native to North America and widely distributed throughout the continent.

Lawn Burweed

Latin Name: Soliva Pterosperma

Native to South America, and now found along the Pacific Coast states and along the southern states to North Carolina, as well as throughout Latin America and in Europe.

Narrowleaf Cudweed

Latin Name: Gnaphalium Falcatum

Native to North America and Latin America, and occurring in the United States from Virginia to Florida on the east coast, and west throughout the southern states to California.

Oxeye Daisy

Latin Name: Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum

A native of Europe that was introduced as an ornamental plant, this has escaped cultivation and now is found in meadows, roadsides, and empty lots, as well as turf and landscape.

Pineapple Weed

Latin Name: Matricaria Matricarioides

Native to the western United States, but now found across the continent to the east coast and as far north as Alaska.

Purple Cudweed

Latin Name: Gnaphalium Purpureum

Found from South America to North America, where it is found throughout the United States.

Russian Knapweed

Latin Name: Acroptilon Repens

A native of Eurasia that was introduced to the United States in the late 1800’s, and now is widely distributed over the western U.S.

Western Ragweed

Latin Name: Ambrosia Psilostachya

Native to the western United States, and found from Mexico to southern Canada and as far east as Illinois.

Yellow Starthistle

Latin Name: Centaurea Solstitialis

Introduced from Europe, and now one of the worst weed problems in rangeland and open areas in the western United States, particularly in California.

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