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General Questions

No, ProTraining technical courses offered by Veseris is available to Veseris customers and non‐customers*. However all users of ProTraining must create a PestWeb, CropWeb or PestWeb.ca user account.

*non-customer is defined as industry professionals that do not have a Veseris bill to account.

You will find all courses at each of the links below:

Yes, your transcript shows all ProTraining classes completed, including:

  • Veseris technical classes
  • Business & Safety Classes
  • Supplier training
  • PCT courses (US only)
  • WebEx courses

To see a course you have purchased, but not yet started, simply click the "Purchased" tab in "My Training" gadget on the dashboard after logging into veseris.brainier.com:

Faq general 2 a

If you see that the course you are in is buffering, or not loading, you will want to confirm your device is still connected to the internet. If so, then the next step is to select a previous slide to re‐establish the connection. And then move forward to the slide where you were stuck. If this fails to work, then you can always close the course window and re‐open it. Doing so will prompt you to resume where you left off.

After you login to veseris.brainier.com, simply open "Your Account (your name) > My Orders" as shown:

Faq general 4

Pricing for access to a technical class is based upon country, having a Veseris Bill‐to account and purchase history:

Pricing for PestWeb.com:

Veseris purchases last 6 months USD
$1,000 or more $12
Less than $1,000 $35
PestWeb user without Veseris Bill‐to account $50

For access to non‐technical classes such as business or safety, costs range from $10‐$25 per class in the US and $15‐$45 CAD in Canada. Supplier‐provided training classes are free.

Pricing for PestWeb.ca:

Customer Group Past 12 Months Veseris Purchases CAD
Platinum Rewards Status or Above N/A $17.50
Active Veseris Customer $10,000 or more $17.50
Standard Less than $10,000 $45
User without a Veseris Bill-to account   $65

For non‐technical classes such as business skills or safety, costs will range from $15 ‐ $45 CAD per class. Supplier‐provided training classes are free.

Pricing for CropWeb.com:

Pricing for technical classes will be $45.00 CAD for Customers. Certain customer groups may have preferential pricing which is automatically calculated based on a user's account (CropWeb User ID and Veseris Bill‐To account).

For non‐technical classes such as business skills or safety, costs will range from $15 ‐ $45 CAD per class but do not provide CEUs. Supplier‐provided training classes are free but do not provide CEUs.

We created an improved learning management system for a smarter, easier customer experience. This includes:

  • Veseris provided technical classes
  • Non‐technical classes covering business, safety, and supplier‐provided training
  • Training from key industry suppliers available for free
  • Cross‐device access for mobile, tablets, and computers
  • Ability for managers to assign classes
  • Ability for managers to buy credits to give employees to access classe
  • Transcript shows all training taken including non‐technical course work
  • Available for all industry professionals seeking the convenience of online training

When you purchase a class, you get access to the entire ProTraining service, including:

  • Continuous improvement — the research, writing and technology used to deliver 21st‐century education to our industry in an easily accessible, practical manner on tablets, computers, and mobile devices.
  • Certification — Veseris's relationships and years of experience working with state and provincial agencies to understand and meet their requirements so that you have confidence knowing the classes you take meet their needs and can earn CEUs.
  • Continuous monitoring — The storing, monitoring, and reporting of your personal transcript data to licensing entities for easy reference and compliance.
  • Continuous education — ProTraining provides visibility for managers and employees to not only meet state and provincial licensing requirements, but also to identify and achieve company or personal learning objectives.

If you are a Veseris customer with a Bill‐to account, we will provide one free technical class per user per year, as well as additional opportunities to take free classes through sponsored programs and promotions. And all supplier‐provided product training is always free.

  • Find your Free Class Coupon Code near the top of the page when you first login
  • Your coupon code is valid for a one time use
  • Your coupon code is valid until December 31st of the current year. New coupon codes will be available on the first of each year.

The business classes will cover a range of topics including human resources, marketing, accounting, finance, and popular desktop applications like MS PowerPoint and Word. Safety classes will cover driver safety, ladder safety, personal protective equipment, and more. Also available are classes from key industry suppliers covering best practices for their respective product(s).

ProTraining is available to any professional and those seeking to maintain their technical knowledge. Simply complete the PestWeb, CropWeb or PestWeb.ca online registration with your email to gain access. Veseris customers must provide an active Bill‐To.

  • If you have a new Veseris account, you need to create a PestWeb, CropWeb or PestWeb.ca User ID. The system will then acknowledge you as manager of your account, allowing you to access ProTraining.
  • If you are part of an existing Veseris account and are not a new customer, request access from the manager of your Bill‐To.
  • If you interact with different divisions osf Veseris ensure you are using the right point of entry to ProTraining ie CropWeb vs PestWeb vs PestWeb.ca.

To prepare you for the final quiz, each section review is built to only allow advancement to the next slide once all the questions are correctly answered.

Once you have completed a technical class, you will need to go back to PestWeb, CropWeb or PestWeb.ca in order to view it in your transcript. You can do this by going directly to https://pestweb.com/protraining/transcripts for the US or https://pestweb.ca/protraining/transcripts for Canada. Or https://www.cropweb.com/protraining/transcripts

You may also go to the "Completed" tab in "My Training" gadget on the dashboard, after loggin into veseris.brainier.com, and then click the download icon:

Faq general 19

Buying Classes

Purchasing classes is easy by credit card online. In the US American Express, Discover, and MasterCard are all accepted. In Canada — MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

You may take your class immediately after purchase by selecting "Start New Session". This means for technical classes you are allowed to complete up to three times before having to purchase them again. You will be asked to confirm you wish to launch the session, and then click the title one more time to fully start the class.

Faq buying classes 2

Taxes may apply depending on the tax jurisdiction of your area.

You still have two more attempts to complete the class, if you fail it the first time.

No, when paying for a class you will be prompted to pay for it via credit card online.

Since you are paying for access to a class, all purchases are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.

  • Veseris technical classes are available for 60 days from the date of purchase, or for 3 completed attempts — whichever comes first.
  • Business and safety classes are available for 6 months from the time of purchase.
  • Supplier training classes are freely available and have no expiration date. However, suppliers reserve the right to update classes throughout the year.

Buying access to online training is different than buying a physical good, as such there is no tax‐exempt status. Tax rules are validated with taxing authorities, as such taxes may apply.

Buying Credits

If you are a manager whose company pays for employee training, credits are a convenient way to obtain access to training classes on behalf of your employees.

  1. Login to veseris.brainier.com
  2. Open "Your Account (your name) > My Orders" shown below Faq buying credits 2 2
  3. Click on the dollar sign icon that says "Manage Credits" at the top corner Faq buying credits 2 3
  4. Click on the collar sign icon that says "Purchase More Credits" at the top right of Credit Summary gadget Faq buying credits 2 4
  5. Proceed through checkout to purchase desired number of credits Faq buying credits 2 5
  6. Re-open "Your Account (your name) > Manage Credits"
  7. Scroll down and find "Credit Transfer" gadget
  8. Find the person you wish to transfer to and transfer desired number of credits Faq buying credits 2 6

A credit is equal to one technical class, depending upon your current class pricing.

Yes, credits expire 6 months from the time they are purchased. Example: Bob buys 10 credits and after 30 days assigns them to Mike. Mike has 5 months to redeem those credits before they expire.

Credits are redeemable only for access to technical classes, they cannot be used for non‐technical (business & safety) classes.

Navigating the platform

PCT Courses

Veseris is providing ProTraining users access to all PCT Online Label courses directly through its online ProTraining platform.

Users now have one convenient location to CEU training online. Once logging into PestWeb and selecting ProTraining, users have access to Veseris Technical & PCT label training courses. This is in addition to also having training for business, safety and supplier's own product courses. Another benefit is that any training a user takes from these classes is maintained centrally on their ProTraining transcript, where they or their manager can access any time at their convenience.

Veseris is simply providing access to these classes. In order to see which PCT classes qualify for what specific CEU requirements please consult your state licensing website to confirm they are approved for CEU's in your state.

You need to contact PCT directly at rshaw@gie.net to find out when they report back to the respective licensing agency.

PCT Online Label training courses are offered free of charge. You must be a Veseris customer (with a Veseris Bill To Account) to access through ProTraining.

  1. Go to PestWeb (US) Courses
  2. Click on the "Type" dropdown and select "PCT Training"
  3. Select the class you wish to take
  4. At this point you will need to log in or register
  5. After logging in, check the box next to "I understand I will not be receiving CEU credit for this course"
  6. You will then click "Purchase Course"
  7. At this point you will be sent over to PCT to take the class
  8. Upon completion of the class, allow 90 minutes for the record to show in your ProTraining transcript
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