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Nisus Corporation: Building Bio-Sanitation Revenue

In this 49-minute video, Dr. Jamel Sandidge, Innovation Platform Leader at Nisus Corporation, reviews the many variables involved in adding bio-sanitation to your business model. You will gain a detailed understanding of just what bio-sanitation means and how it works. Dr. Sandidge also discusses how to develop a comprehensive and successful bio-sanitation program. Areas covered include: Microbial products and bio-sanitation What is “bio-sanitation”? How microbial products and bio-sanitation work together Why choose bio-sanitation? The relationship between biofilm and bio-sanitation Biofilm and drains How bio-sanitation products work Enzymes vs. beneficial microbes Common practices that limit efficacy of beneficial microbes Getting bio-sanitation to work with disinfecting and sanitizing Enhancing efficacy of beneficial microbes Products and formulation Tools and equipment Profit targets What kind of business do you want to go after? Selling your service Budgets, safety and success Expectations The benefits of bio-sanitation in pest management The last word: Fatberg!

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