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Microsoft Access 2013

Starting out with the “databasics,” this training tool breaks down the differences between Access and Excel, demonstrates the most important new features in this latest version and provides a step-by-step tutorial on the critical elements you need to know to master Access 2013. Take your data management to the next level! Highlights: How—and why—you should be building databases from scratch Learning the nuts and bolts of queries, forms and reports Solving the mysterious nature of inner and outer joins Easing user operations with dashboard tips and tricksTraining Level: Beginner to Intermediate Sessions Include: 1. A Databasics Lesson 2. Sorting and Filtering 3. Analyzing a Table 4. Building Queries 5. Understanding Relationships 6. Building Forms 7. Designing Reports 8. Exporting and Importing 9. Macros and Modules 10. Building a Dashboard

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