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Showing 7 types of DERMESTID BEETLES

Black Carpet Beetle

Latin Name: Attagenus megatoma

Latin Family Name: Dermestidae

Originally it was believed that this insect has a European origin, but its presence in the U.S. in certain natural settings suggests that it might be native to the United States. It is found widely throughout North America and in Europe, but is most important as a pest in North America.

Furniture Carpet Beetle

Latin Name: Anthrenus flavipes

Latin Family Name: Dermestidae

Possibly European in origin, but now found throughout the world

Hide Beetles

Latin Name: Dermestes spp.

Latin Family Name: Dermestidae

A number of species exist in this genus, including the common Dermestes maculatus, a species found worldwide and possibly originating in Europe or Asia.

Khapra Beetle

Latin Name: Trogoderma granarium

Latin Family Name: Dermestidae

Native to India, but now present throughout the world where aggressive eradication efforts are not made. It was first discovered in the U.S. in California in 1953, possibly present for several years before that, and at this time it still remains eradicated from North America.

Larder Beetle

Latin Name: Dermestes lardarius

Latin Family Name: Dermestidae

This beetle is found throughout the world, including in all of North America, where it is no longer found commonly as a food pest. This may be due partly to the better storage of meat products, which were often subjected to attack by this beetle.

Varied Carpet Beetle

Latin Name: Anthrenus verbasci

Latin Family Name: Dermestidae

Not known for certain, as some literature suggests it is of European origin, while others suggest it may be native to North America, given that it is found in natural settings in the U.S. It is now found throughout the world.

Warehouse Beetle

Latin Name: Trogoderma sp.

Latin Family Name: Dermestidae

Possibly unknown, as it is worldwide in its occurrence now, and is found widely throughout the United States. A close relative, the Khapra Beetle, originated in India.

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