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Showing 24 types of APHIDS

Apple Grain Aphid

Latin Name: Rhopalosiphum fitchii

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Believed to have originated in Europe, brought to North America with nursery stock of apple trees with the earliest settlers, and it now can be found throughout the world.

Arborvitae Aphid

Latin Name: Cinara tujafilina

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Possibly native to North America.

Balsam wooly aphid

Latin Name: Adelges piceae

This species is native to Europe, but was first detected in North America around 1900. It now is found throughout eastern Canada and northeastern U.S., as well as along the Pacific coast in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Birch Aphid

Latin Name: Calaphis betulaecolens

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Possibly a native of North America, and found widely across the United States wherever birch trees grow. It primarily uses birch as its host plant.

Black Bean Aphid

Latin Name: Aphis fabae

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Possibly a native of North America.

Black Citrus Aphid

Latin Name: Toxoptera auranti

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

A very important agricultural pest, with over 120 known host plants, including citrus, coffee, mango, camellia, orchids, and others. It is found throughout the world where coffee is grown, and is present in the southern U.S. and Hawaii.

Cabbage Aphid

Latin Name: Brevicoryne brassicae

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Native to Europe, but now found throughout the world, including throughout the U.S. and on every island of Hawaii.

Conifer Aphid

Latin Name: Cinara spp.

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Possibly native to North America.

Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid

Latin Name: Adelges cooleyi

Latin Family Name: Adelgidae

Cooley spruce gall aphid is native to North America and it attacks various species of spruce trees as well as Douglas Fir.

Eastern spruce gall aphid

Latin Name: Adelges abietis

Eastern spruce gall aphid is an introduced species from Europe.

Giant Bark Aphid

Latin Name: Longistigma caryae

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Native to North America.

Green Apple Aphid

Latin Name: Aphis pomi

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Native to Europe.

Green Peach Aphid

Latin Name: Myzus persicae

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Native to Europe, where it was known as a pest of peach trees as early as 1761. Now found throughout the world and all of North America.


Latin Name: Schizaphis graminum

Believed to be native to Europe or Asia, but now found on continents throughout the world as a serious pest of grains.

Leaf Curl Plum Aphid

Latin Name: Brachycaudus helichrysi

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Unknown, but it is found widely around the world and throughout the United States.

Melon Aphid

Latin Name: Aphis gossypii

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Not stated, but it is present throughout the world in tropical and moderate climates, and is found throughout the United States.

Oleander Aphid

Latin Name: Aphis nerii

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Since it is so common on oleander it is felt this aphid may have originated in the Mediterranean, where oleander comes from, but it now is present throughout the world and is common throughout the U.S. in the more temperate climates.

Pine & Spruce Aphids

Latin Name: Pineus sp.

Latin Family Name: Adelgidae

Native to eastern Asia but established in eastern North America from Georgia north to Massachusetts.

Pine bark adelgid

Latin Name: Pineus strobi

This is a native insect in North America and is found widely where host pines are grown.

Poplar Gall Aphid

Latin Name: Pemphigus spp.

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

There are several species of aphids in this genus, possibly native to North America, and found wherever poplar or cottonwood grow.

Rose Aphid

Latin Name: Macrosiphum rosae

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Originally known from Europe, but it now can be found throughout the U.S. where mild temperatures allow it.

Tuliptree Aphid

Latin Name: Illinoia liriodendri

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

The tulip tree is native to the eastern U.S., so the aphid presumably also is a native species, now found throughout North America wherever these popular shade trees grow.

Woolly Apple Aphid

Latin Name: Eriosoma lanigerum

Latin Family Name: Aphididae

Native to eastern North America, where it originally infested apple trees and elm, as alternate hosts. Now found throughout North America

Wooly elm aphid

Latin Name: Eriosoma americanum

A native species in eastern North America, and found wherever trees such as Saskatoon (= Juneberry, Serviceberry, wild plum) and American Elm are grown.

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