The Power of the Transfer Effect in Pest Management


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As pest populations are on the rise, professionals are always looking to stop problems at the source by using effective solutions. One technique often used in these products is the transfer effect, a method that uses the pest’s natural behaviors against it.

The transfer effect, or secondary elimination, is used by simply exploiting the interaction the pest will have with others of its own species to amplify the control of the product throughout a population. The setup for this technique typically involves introducing a substance with something such as a bait to pests in an area.

Of course, this material is designed to eliminate any pests that come into contact with it. But before it does, the active ingredient stays on the body so the pest inadvertently spreads and carries the substance back to nests or colonies. Through various interactions, the product will spread among the pest population, causing a domino effect that disrupts and eliminates the pests in that area. This control method is primarily used in managing communal pests such as ants, termites and cockroaches.

For pest management professionals, secondary eliminations in products can be a major advantage to their business. Since it allows for fast and powerful widespread control against a local population, it requires minimal interference from the professionals and offers protection over a longer period of time. And thanks to the method of delivery for the active ingredient, the transfer effect can target specific areas or insects and reduces environmental impact.

Products such as Maxforce Impact® roach gel bait and Temprid® FX insecticide from Envu use this method to great effect. Maxforce Impact roach gel bait offers a solution that roaches can’t get enough of that’s scientifically designed to combat aversion and prevent resistance. It gives you the fast knockdown power with the flexibility needed to eliminate roaches and outperforms competitors in mortality rates* for cockroaches and secondary eliminations.

With Temprid FX insecticide, you get a powerful and proven** dual-active formula that provides long-lasting control of over 50 pest species. Its strength, flexibility and fast transfer effect gives professionals the added confidence to take on the toughest jobs, including notoriously hard-to-eliminate pests, such as bed bugs, scorpions and spiders.


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