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The use of tamper-resistant bait stations at accounts is a key factor in keeping other rodent control products, such as rodenticides, snap traps, and glue boards, inaccessible to non-targets. Selecting the right bait station is a critical step in implementing proper integrated pest management (IPM). One size does not fit all when it comes to rodenticide stations, which is why there are so many options available to choose from. Make sure you understand the differences and pick a station that best fits your needs.

The first step is to determine your target, as some bait stations are designed specifically for mice while others are for rats. Pest Control Distributors typically offer a range of stations that include general use bait stations and specialty bait stations, including options that are low-profile, undercover, and pre-weighted. Low-profile stations are smaller, thinner stations that do not draw attention and are best for accounts where stations are needed in corners and under pallets. Undercover stations look like typical outdoor items so they do not appear out of the ordinary and yet they still operate the same as a regular tamper-resistant station. These should be used when you have no other choice than to place your bait station out in the open where it is easily visible by pedestrians. Pre-weighted stations come with a brick inside. The purpose for the inclusion of a brick is so that Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) do not have to do the extra work of zip-tying or gluing these stations in place because they already come secure. Bell is committed to providing the tools that PMPs need to get the job done.

The Protecta EVO Express is the most popular bait station in North America because of its versatility. It comes pre-weighted meaning it has a brick enclosed on the inside of the station, with a tray placed on top of it. The Protecta EVO Landscape is a secure, rat-size bait station designed to blend in with the outdoor environment. Its realistic color, stone, and naturally textured surface gives this undercover bait station the authentic look of a rock. The Protecta EVO Edge is a versatile rodent bait station that is easy to use and service. The side-opening design and rounded interior walls make servicing fast, maximizing technician productivity. Rear mounting holes allow the station to be secured to a fence. An opening on the bottom can be used with a duck bill anchor or as a drain hole to clear excess water.

PMPs are the backbone of protection for public health and safety. The work of the pest control industry remains critical in protecting against the spread of disease and damage at homes, hospitals, businesses, and schools. Different tools are necessary for different environments, and it is important that PMPs take advantage of tools that are designed to make their jobs, and their rodent control service, easier as well.

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