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Novel All-Year Vector Management Program

Novel All-Year Vector Management with INZECTO Mosquito Traps  Presented by: Emeritus Professor, Dr. Phil Koehler The Training will provide In Depth Information on the INZECTO Mosquito Trap Features and Benefits along with the Growing Demand for Mosquito Services.  Dr. Phil Koehler will share Details on the *New” INZECTO Annual Programs to assist with Developing or Enhancing your Existing Mosquito Programs. Training Topics: INDUSTRY GROWTH:  Mosquito Control Services are Growing-Year-Over-Year CHALLENGES:  Existing Challenges to Mosquito Control and Limitations to Traditional Mosquito Management Solutions & Why Mosquitoes are WINNING Again INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS TO MOSQUITO CONTROL: INZECTO Mosquito Traps as an important element of an Integrated Vector Management Program INZECTO ANNUAL PROGRAMS: Major Benefits & Profitability of INZECTO Traps and Integration into an IMM Program

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