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Nisus: Fly Management in Food Facilities

In this 54-minute video, Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services at Nisus Corporation, reviews the many variables involved in developing a professional pest management program for small fly control in commercial kitchens. Dr. Ipser also discusses how to develop a comprehensive and successful fly sales program, including issues to consider when budgeting and pricing projects, as well as the importance of explaining a control program’s long-term value to your customer. Areas covered include: The IPM Approach: Integrated Fly Management Inspection Evaluate the scope of the project Your budget will be based and the physical work you have to do Proper fly identification: The four escalating stages of fly infestation and their associated the four critical fly species Pests that might fool you, as well as other invading species. Resources: IRAC Prolong insecticide effectiveness and reduce callbacks The critical importance of sanitation Locations to watch out for Physical cleaning vs. treatment Harborage Areas ignored by restaurant cleaning programs Areas you can’t treat that contribute to the problem: exposed food! Adding extra services Examples: cleaning or drain management Add-on cost Drains as a fly hot-spot system in commercial kitchens Focus Points: larvae vs. adults. Types of insecticides, mechanical controls, exclusion techniques Nisus Drain Maintenance Program

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