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Showing 3 types of SQUIRRELS

Gray squirrel

Latin Name: Sciurus sp.

These three species are native to North America, but the Eastern gray and Fox squirrel were introduced into the western states where they commonly live in landscaped areas, but not often in natural forests and woodlands. The Eastern gray has also been introduced to Europe where it spread widely and is blamed for displacing the native Red squirrel there.

Ground squirrels

Latin Name: Otospermophilus beecheyi

Latin Family Name: Sciuridae

These are native animals in North America, with varying ranges depending on the species. The Beechey Ground Squirrel occurs along the Pacific Coast and into Baja California, the Columbian Ground Squirrel in the Rocky Mountains and into Oregon, the Rock and Spotted Ground Squirrels in Texas, and the Arctic Ground Squirrel in Alaska and the Arctic Circle.

Red squirrel

Latin Name: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Latin Family Name: Sciuridae

Native animals in North America, comprising several genera of which Sciurus seems to be the most important with respect to their structural nuisance potential. The Eastern Gray Squirrel is very widely found, due to its introduction from its native eastern U.S. into the western states. Fox squirrels also represent a large group of widespread species.

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