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Showing 13 types of FILTH FLIES

Black Blow Fly

Latin Name: Phormia regina

The true origin is unknown, as these flies are found throughout the world.

Black Scavenger Flies

Latin Name: Sepsidae

Three or more dozen species of these native flies are found in North America.

Black Soldier Fly

Latin Name: Hermetia illucens

Latin Family Name: Stratiomyidae

Native to North America, and a member of a large family of flies that otherwise are not of any pest significance.

Blue Blow Fly

Latin Name: Calliphora vicina

The true origin is unknown, as these flies are found throughout the world.

Dump Fly

Latin Name: Ophyra leucostoma

Possibly a native in North America but now found nearly worldwide. In North America they are found in Canada and throughout the U.S., south into Central America.

Face Fly

Latin Name: Musca autumnalis

Latin Family Name: Muscidae

A native of Europe and Asia, this fly is now found throughout North America as well.

Flesh Flies

Latin Name: Sarcophaga sp.

Latin Family Name: Sarcophagidae

Many species native to North America.

Green Blow Fly

Latin Name: Phaenicia sericata

Latin Family Name: Calliphoridae

Several species that are native to North America, and widely spread throughout the continent and into Latin America.

House Fly

Latin Name: Musca domestica

Latin Family Name: Muscidae

This species is found abundantly throughout the world, and in many countries, where sanitation is not adequate and human wastes are commonly deposited outdoors, the House Fly is responsible for the spread of numerous serious diseases. Included in this list are dysentery, typhoid, cholera, poliomyelitis, yaws, anthrax, tularemia, intestinal parasites and eye parasites. It is incriminated in the spread of food infections from bacteria such as Shigella and Salmonella.

Latrine Fly

Latin Name: Fannia scalaris

Likely European in origin this species now occurs throughout the world.

Lesser Dung Flies

Latin Name: Sphaeroceridae

Latin Family Name: Sphaeroceridae

A number of native species of these flies are found in North America.

Little House Fly

Latin Name: Fannia canicularis

Latin Family Name: Muscidae

Probably native to North America, but found in many other countries as well.

Minute Black Scavenger Flies

Latin Name: Scatopsidae

These are native species in North America.

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