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Showing 2 types of DAMPWOOD TERMITES

Florida Dampwood Termites

Latin Name: Neotermes sp.

Native to the United States and found only in Florida, where there are 3 species in the genus Neotermes. N. castaneus has the greatest range in Florida and is common in subtropical habitats in woodlands as well as urban areas.

Pacific Dampwood Termite

Latin Name: Zootermopsis angusticollis

Latin Family Name: Hodotermitidae

Native to the United States, and found in the Pacific Coast states and into Canada, and east to Montana and Texas. There are several minor species of dampwood termites in other genera, but the genus Zootermopsis is by far the most widespread, with 3 species in the U.S. The other 3 genera, with one species in each, are in Florida and in the deserts of the southwest states.

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