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Pest Information

Rice Moth

Rice Moth

  • Latin Name: Corcyra cephalonica
  • Common Name: Rice Moth
  • Latin Family Name: Pyralidae
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Rice Moth
Rice Moth


Found throughout the world in a wide variety of plant based products. It is found most often in humid climates, and is a severe problem in cocoa or nut meats originating in tropical countries.


The moths can be active year round in warm climates, and may have several generations each year. In cooler climates it may be reduced to a single generation each year. Infestations often occur due to food products shipped from tropical countries already infested with the insects, including rice products, giving it its common name.


Adult moths are fairly nondescript, being small and medium dark gray with no specific markings to distinguish it. It has no mouthparts, and the veins on the wings tend to be noticeably darker than the ground color of the wings. The larvae are a dull white color with a darker head, and they are sparsely covered with long, thin hairs.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Typical of most stored food moth infestations, an inspection must be made to determine which materials are infested, including areas of the structure where foods may not typically be found, such as garages or closets. Disposal of the infested material, followed by a thorough cleaning of the area and possible application of a residual insecticide to intercept any larvae that may have left the food material are needed. In the case of this moth particular attention may be paid to cocoa and chocolate products, nuts, and rice.

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