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Pest Information

Genista Broom Moth

Genista Broom Moth

  • Latin Name: Uresiphita reversalis
  • Common Name: Genista Broom Moth
  • Other Names: Sophora worm

Pest Details

Genista Broom Moth
Genista Broom Moth
Genista Broom Moth
Genista Broom Moth


This is a native moth in North America and occurs from eastern Canada to Mexico and over most of the U.S.


This common moth feeds as the larva on many species of plants in the pea family, including broom of many kinds, acacia, genista, Texas laurel, lupines, as well as crapemyrtle and honeysuckle. Ornamental broom shrubs can be defoliated under heavy infestations, but it also feeds on the many species of introduced and invasive broom such as Spanish broom and Common broom. They overwinter as either a pupa or a late stage larva.


Adult moths are medium-sized with a wingspan of about 1 inch. Their forewings range from rusty orange to dark red-brown, with several rows of spots or solid lines running across the wing from top to bottom. The hind wing is usually yellow. The larva is colorful, with a basic color of reddish brown but with raised black spots along the body on each side, each spot tipped with white spots and long hairs.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Labeled contact insecticides applied to susceptible plants when feeding or larvae are first noticed will control these moths.

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