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Pest Information

Coffee Bean Weevil

Coffee Bean Weevil

  • Latin Name: Araecerus fasciculatus
  • Common Name: Coffee Bean Weevil
  • Other Names: Cocoa weevil, nutmeg weevil, coffee weevil

Pest Details

Coffee Bean Weevil


It is native to India but now occurs throughout the world due to commerce and movement of infested products. It is established in all tropical regions and while commonly found in North America it does not survive well outside of the stored food products.


This cosmopolitan insect is a serious pest of stored coffee beans, but has also been found feeding on citrus and the branches of fruit trees, as well as many other kinds of plants including nuts, cocoa, spices, dried fruits and grains. The larvae live within the food product and pupate there, with the adult insect boring its way out once it emerges from the pupa stage. Adult beetles may also feed on the stored food products as well as twigs of trees.


The adult beetle is about 4 mm long and is elongate cylindrical. It is not a true weevil and does not have a snout, and the antennae arise on the top of the head in front of the eyes. The color is a mottled light and brown color with dark patches. The legs are relatively long and the antennae are long and thin with a 3-segmented club at the end.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Discovery of the infested food products is necessary for the control of stored food pests. Once the infested materials are found they should be disposed of or dealt with in some other way to kill the insects within, such as fumigation or heating.

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