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Pest Information

The Green stinkbug

The Green stinkbug

  • Latin Name: Chinavia hilaris
  • Common Name: The Green stinkbug
  • Other Names: Green soldier bug

Pest Details

The Green stinkbug


Likely a native insect in North America.


This is a very common stinkbug throughout North America, feeding on a wide variety of ornamental and agricultural plants, including fruit trees, many row crops, and many ornamentals and native plants. Females deposit their eggs on the underside of leaves in double rows of a dozen or more eggs. There is a single generation each year in the cooler northern states and two generations in southern regions. When disturbed they release foul smelling fluids from glands on the underside of their thorax. Adults overwinter and mate in spring. Development from egg to adult takes just over one month.


The early nymphs look very different from the adults, having black and red heads and prothorax and white and black banded abdomens. The adults are true to their name, being solid lime green with narrow orange or yellow edges to the body. The last 3 segments of the antennae are black. The length is about ½ to ¾ inch.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Contact insecticides applied to infested plants will kill these stinkbugs.

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