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Pest Information

Tropical Bed Bug

  • Latin Name: Cimex hemipterus
  • Common Name: Tropical Bed Bug
  • Latin Family Name: Cimicidae
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details


Possibly from Africa or Asia, but found occasionally in the United States as a parasite of humans or bats. It appears to be most common in Florida, preferring to live in warm, humid climates.


This is an uncommon species, but may prefer humans as a food source when it is present. It also has been found in association with bats in structures.


Bed bugs in general are wingless insects with an extremely flattened body from top to bottom, except when they are engorged with blood. They have a large, round abdomen, long 4-segmented antennae, and a small prothorax that flares to the sides. Their mouth is a short, 3-segmented proboscis that is held below the body when at rest. The tropical bed bug is distinguished from other species by having the last segment of the antenna shorter than the segment before it, having a fringe of very short hairs along the margins of the pronotum, and with the front margin of the pronotum only moderately concave or curved.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Elimination of possible animal hosts will reduce the source, and applications of residual pesticides into voids the bugs may be occupying should eliminate the insects that remain.

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