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Pest Information

Cypress Bark Mealybug

Cypress Bark Mealybug

  • Latin Name: Ehrhornia cupressi
  • Common Name: Cypress Bark Mealybug
  • Latin Family Name: Pseudococcidae
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Cypress Bark Mealybug
Cypress Bark Mealybug
Cypress Bark Mealybug


Uncertain, but possibly native to the western U.S.


This mealybug infests cypress, cedars, and junipers, and may be found in both forested and landscaped habitats. It can be a serious pest of ornamental cypress but is of little importance in forests. There is a single generation per year in the western U.S., with the insects living beneath the crevices of bark on the trunks and branches, where they exude a white wax coating over themselves.


The female grows to about 2 mm in length, is broadly oval, and pinkish to bright red in body color. They may be detected by the presence of the white cottony fibers protruding from areas of the bark and surrounding the insects on the surface where they are active.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Where infestations warrant control a dormant or summer oil application to trunk and branches will help to smother the insects.

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