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Pest Information

Pine bark adelgid

  • Latin Name: Pineus strobi
  • Common Name: Pine bark adelgid
  • Other Names: Pine bark aphid

Pest Details


This is a native insect in North America and is found widely where host pines are grown.


This species is a severe pest of white pine and other pines in eastern U.S., including nursery and landscape trees. It is recognized by the patches of white cottony wax on the bark of trunks and stems of the infested trees, as well as on buds and bases of needles. Heavy infestations may completely cover the trunk with wax. Older trees may withstand the insect feeding while younger trees may be killed. There may be up to 5 generations each year with feeding continuing into late fall. All stages may overwinter and eggs are laid in the spring, with both winged and wingless forms emerging. Winged forms may then spread the infestation to nearby trees.


Typical of woolly aphids the adults are purplish in color but covered with masses of white cottony wax. The presence of the wax on the trunks and branches of host pines may be diagnostic.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Winter applications of dormant oils will help to kill overwintering nymphs and adults and oils applied thoroughly to the wax masses during warm months will also help to control the problem. If contact insecticides are used a surfactant to help break down the wax and allow penetration of the water based spray will be helpful.

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