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Pest Information

Field Cockroach

Field Cockroach

  • Latin Name: Blattella vaga
  • Common Name: Field Cockroach
  • Latin Family Name: Blattellidae
  • Other Names: Vaga cockroach

Pest Details

Field Cockroach
Field Cockroach
Field Cockroach


Presumed to have originated in Asia, but found in the United States in Arizona in 1933. It now inhabits a wide range from Texas to the west coast and north through California.


The Field roach is primarily an outdoor cockroach species, and when it is found indoors it may be treated as an occasional invader that will not take up residence indoors. It is very similar in appearance to the German roach, but differs in its habits. In addition to its outdoor habitat, the Field roach flies readily and is attracted to lights. Females produce an egg capsule with an average of around 30 eggs in it, although as she continues producing capsules this number decreases. The interval from egg to adult is around 3 months, and adult insects normally do not survive cold winters.


The Field roach is easily distinguished from the German roach by the presence of a black area between the eyes on the front of the head. On the German roach this area is the same tan color as the rest of the body. Compared with the German roach the Field roach is slightly smaller and has a more brownish gray color. Nymphs also have the black face on them.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

As an outdoor pest, control relies mainly on reduction of harborage sites around the vicinity of structures. Perimeter treatments with a residual insecticide, as well as applications of granular baits, will reduce the populations. Indoor treatments are normally not needed, unless large numbers have managed to find their way inside.

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