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Pest Information

Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles

Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles

  • Latin Name: Lathridius sp.
  • Common Name: Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles
Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles


There are many native species of these beetles in North America, and likely some non-native species found in food products.


This is another group of very small beetles that may infest moldy stored food products. Almost all species are very small adult beetles that are usually associated with fungus of some kind. They may also occur in old bird or rodent nests as well as occasionally infesting foods that are in poor condition. Their presence in a structure may be an indication that an excessive moisture condition is present with growth of molds or decay fungi. They may also be in grain-based foods that have been stored too long or in damp condition, and 4 or 5 species have been identified as pests of stored foods.


Adult beetles are less than 3 mm in length. They are elongate-oval and reddish brown in color, and have long, thin antennae with a 3-segmented club at the end. Under high magnification you will notice the elytra lined with rows of deep pits, about 7 or 8 longitudinal rows on each wing cover, and on some species 2 distinct longitudinal ridges on the elytra as well.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Since they are associated with conditions or foods that are not wanted in a structure the source of the infestation needs to be discovered and corrected. Insecticide applications may not be necessary and will be of little help until the source is found.

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