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Pest Information

Cypress Mealybug

Cypress Mealybug

  • Latin Name: Dysmicoccus ryani
  • Common Name: Cypress Mealybug
  • Latin Family Name: Pseudococcidae
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Cypress Mealybug
Cypress Mealybug


Likely native to the western U.S., and found in California.


Principally a pest of cypress trees, but occasionally on juniper and other ornamentals as well. Biology typical of mealybugs. Females deposit eggs on the bark and protect them with layers of wax. Development to the female adult takes about 40 days and females live several months. Males develop more quickly and die immediately after mating. Large clusters of the nymphs and females may be found on infested areas of the trees as they feed in the phloem area of the foliage and green stems.


A small and stubby shaped mealybug as the adult female, with a reddish-orange body color and covered with a layer of white powdery wax. The wax filaments along the margins are very short, and only 2 short filaments protrude from the posterior end. Similar to the Striped Mealybug, but without the darker stripes on the top of the body.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Where infestations warrant control a dormant or summer oil application to trunk and branches will help to smother the insects.

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