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False Black Flour Beetle

False Black Flour Beetle

  • Latin Name: Tribolium destructor
  • Common Name: False Black Flour Beetle
  • Latin Family Name: Tenebrionidae
  • Other Names: Destructive flour beetle, Dark flour beetle

Pest Details

False Black Flour Beetle
False Black Flour Beetle
False Black Flour Beetle


Likely European in origin this beetle is found throughout the world.


This is one of the largest families of beetles in North America and its members have very diverse habits, sizes, appearances, and importance. A number of species are the small “flour” beetles that are serious pests of stored food products. This species may attack virtually any grain-based foods in storage, including pet foods, flour and baking mixes, and baked goods. Fortunately it is a fairly uncommon pest problem in North America.


This is one of the larger species of flour beetles in the genus Tribolium, being as long as nearly 6 mm. It is solid black or dark brown, somewhat flattened in profile, and with long, narrow antennae.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control of most stored food pest beetles relies on a combination of proper storage of products in cool, dry conditions and if possible in pest-proof containers, sanitation measures to remove or prevent spilled materials and dust accumulations, and monitoring with pheromone traps to determine when adult insect activity may begin in an account or to pinpoint the location of the infestation within a structure. Fumigation with either methyl bromide or aluminum phosphide will kill all stages of the beetles present in food, and ensure food products are pest-free as they go into storage.

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