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Pest Information

Rose Aphid

Rose Aphid

  • Latin Name: Macrosiphum rosae
  • Common Name: Rose Aphid
  • Latin Family Name: Aphididae
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Rose Aphid
Rose Aphid
Rose Aphid


Originally known from Europe, but it now can be found throughout the U.S. where mild temperatures allow it.


These aphids feed primarily on roses and pyracantha, and when feeding in heavy numbers can cause distortion to new buds and leaves. Reproduction throughout the growing season is by parthenogenesis, with females producing living nymphs, and with several generations occurring on the same plant. In the fall males will be produced to mate with females, which then deposit eggs on the stems of the roses, with these eggs over-wintering. The eggs hatch quickly once new growth appears in the spring.


This is a medium-sized aphid with both green and pink forms occurring together on the plants. The legs are long and dark colored. Winged females may be found mixed in with the wingless forms on the plant. The cornicles also are very long and black.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Since they feed on the fresh leaves and buds a light mist of a registered insecticide will easily control this aphid. They also may be washed off the plants using a stream of water, giving immediate relief for a period of time. They also are highly conducive to being fed upon by predators such as lacewings, syrphid flies, or ladybird beetles, or parasitized by Braconid wasps.

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