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Pest Information

Green Foxtail

Green Foxtail

  • Latin Name: Setaria Viridis
  • Common Name: Green Foxtail
  • Other Names: Bottle grass, green bristle grass, pigeon grass, wild millet

Pest Details

Green Foxtail
Green Foxtail


Native to Europe, now common throughout much of the United States, especially in cooler climates. A particular problem in alfalfa fields, but also occurring in other row crops, along roadsides, waste areas, and in landscape.


A summer annual grass weed. Seeds germinate in early spring and plants mature throughout the summer months.


Mature plants form large clumps due to the extensive branching and multiple stems arising from the base. These stems characteristically bend at the lower joint, and may grow as high as 2.5 feet. Leaves are flattened, usually no more than around 6 inches long, and are a hairless, shiny green on both upper and lower surfaces. The collar region where the leaf base surrounds the stem may be tinged reddish. Flower spikes are densely packed with flowers, and grow to 3 inches long. The flower head is distinctly greener than similar foxtail species, and is surrounded by short, yellow to purple bristles that grow from the base of each spikelet and are several times longer than the spikelets, giving the flower head a visibly hairy look.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

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