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Pest Information



  • Latin Name: Eleusine Indica
  • Common Name: Goosegrass
  • Other Names: Silver crabgrass, wire-grass, yard-grass, crowfoot grass, crows-foot grass, bullgrass

Pest Details



Introduced from Europe, but now found throughout most of the United States.


A summer annual grass, with seeds germinating in early to mid-summer when soil temperatures exceed 65 degrees F. It germinates several weeks later than crabgrass, requiring the slightly warmer soil temperatures.


Mature plants grow as tall as 3 feet, with a spreading characteristic at the base and numerous stems. It does not root at the nodes that may touch the soil. Leaf blades are folded at the midvein and may be 1/4 inch wide by up to 8 inches long. Leaf surfaces are either smooth or sparsely hairy, with a rough feel to the edges. Several leaves may arise near the same point on the stem, and their sheaths overlap. The collar at the leaf base is broad, white, and hairy at its edges. Flower heads consist of from 2 to 6 long spikes arranged umbrella-like, similar to bermuda grass but with the spikes arising at different points on the stem, sometimes with 1 or 2 spikes well separated below the others.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A common weed in turf, landscape, or agricultural crops, as well as other unattended areas. It is very tolerant of drought, compacted soils, and close mowing

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