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Pest Information



  • Latin Name: Dactylis Glomerata
  • Common Name: Orchardgrass
  • Other Names: Cock’s foot, cocksfoot

Pest Details



Native to Eurasia, now widespread throughout much of the United States.


A perennial bunchgrass, with short underground rhizomes. Cultivated as a desirable pasture grass in some areas, as well as a cover crop. Escapes from cultivation, however, have caused it to become a pest problem in other crops and along roadsides. Reproduction is from seed, but the underground stems will not spread the plant. The plants tolerate mowing, and tillage may act to enlarge the plant’s crown. Plants remain green year-round. Seed germination occurs in early winter, and plants mature throughout the summer months.


Mature plants may grow over 3 feet tall, with leaves arising from the base as well as along the stems. Leaf blades are bluish green, up to 12 inches long, and somewhat rough along the margins and the surfaces. The sheath around the stem, at the base of the leaf, is strongly folded, as are the leaves themselves. The flower head is up to 6 inches long, and is a stiff, branched panicle. The spikelets are fan shaped and spreading, and densely crowded with the flowers at the ends of the spikelets, separated into individual clusters of several flowers.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial, with re-growth from the roots or crown if mowed, new growth by seeds.

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