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Pest Information

Bulbous Bittercress

Bulbous Bittercress

  • Latin Name: Cardamine Bulbosa
  • Common Name: Bulbous Bittercress
  • Other Names: Spring cress

Pest Details

Bulbous Bittercress
Bulbous Bittercress
Bulbous Bittercress


Native to North America, and found in nearly every state east of the Rocky Mountains.


A perennial plant that reproduces from seeds, this plant can be found in moist soils in waste areas, disturbed sites, along roadsides, and in landscapes. Plants are edible and may be used to impart a peppery flavor to foods.


Mature plants are upright with many stems arising from the base, and short branches off the main stems. Plants can be nearly 2 feet in height, and with a bulbous rootstock. Basal leaves tend to be on short stalks while upper leaves are sessile. The stem is thick but hollow, and shows lighter colored veins along its length. Leaves are lance-shaped with wavy to widely dentate margins. Flowers occur in thick clusters at the tips of the stems, with each flower arising from a long stalk. These are white and small, but showy as the overall grouping.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A systemic herbicide will be needed in order to effectively kill all plant parts.

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