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Pest Information

Common Mallow

Common Mallow

  • Latin Name: Malva Neglecta
  • Common Name: Common Mallow
  • Other Names: Buttonweed, cheeseplant, cheeseweed, cheeses, cheese mallow, dwarf mallow, running mallow, malice, round dock, round-leaved mallow, low mallow.

Pest Details

Common Mallow
Common Mallow
Common Mallow


Native to Europe - widespread in United States.


Broadleaf annual, biennial, or perennial in some areas. Usually an annual weed, but it may survive the winter and thereby be considered a biennial.


Mature plant bushy, well branched and spreading, from 1’ to 5’ tall. Leaves are round, with 5 to 7 shallow lobes, and alternate on the stem on stalks that are 1” to 6” long - dark green and often covered with fine hairs. Flowers on short stalks from base of leaf stalk of top of plant, small, white with pinkish tinge, 5 petals. Fruit is round and contains 10-12 kidney shaped seeds. Resembles a wheel of cheese, hence the name.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Grows easily in any kind of soil – cultivated crops and orchards, dry waste places, landscape or city streets. Particularly a problem in areas of low maintenance in turfgrass or landscape.

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