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Pest Information

Florida Pusley

Florida Pusley

  • Latin Name: Richardia Scabra
  • Common Name: Florida Pusley
  • Other Names: Rough Mexican-clover

Pest Details

Florida Pusley
Florida Pusley
Florida Pusley


Considered native to South America, but found commonly in the southeast United States and into the northeast, in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and throughout Central America.


A summer annual which reproduces by seeds. Growth is prostrate and spreading, forming thick patches over turf or other sites. Commonly found in dry, disturbed locations as well as turf.


Mature plants remain low to the ground due to the spreading habit. Many stems arise from the base and form numerous branches. Stems and leaves are hairy, and the leaves are opposite, oval, and somewhat thickened. They attach to the stems without petioles. The roots of the plant are not thickened, distinguishing it from Brazil pusley. Flowers occur in small clusters at the ends of the stems, on short stalks that give them the appearance of being nestled within the terminal leaves. The flowers are white and tubular, with the 6 petals joined at their bases.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Preventive control in turf or landscape with pre-emergent herbicides, and post-emergent control in turf with a selective broadleaf herbicide.

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