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Pest Information

Spanish Clover

Spanish Clover

  • Latin Name: Lotus Purshianus
  • Common Name: Spanish Clover
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Spanish Clover
Spanish Clover
Spanish Clover


Native to the western United States, and widely distributed from southern Canada south into Mexico in the west.


An annual weed that becomes a problem in most kinds of crops, as well on non-cultivated areas such as waste lots, roadsides, ditch banks. Propagation is from seeds that germinate in early spring.


Mature plants may be somewhat erect, but usually have a low, spreading, mat-like growth. They are extensively branched, with stems reaching well over 2 feet in length and sometimes over 2 feet in height. Stems and leaves are generally covered with soft, grayish hairs, but sometimes may be hairless. Leaves are divided into 3 leaflets that are oblong, and the middle leaflet is on a stalk. Flowers are white to very light pink, small, and grow singly on short stalks arising from the leaf axils. Seed pods are up to 1 inch long and bend sharply downward.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

An annual weed that grows very well in dry, sandy soils.

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