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Pest Information

Sticky Chickweed

Sticky Chickweed

  • Latin Name: Cerastium Glomeratum
  • Common Name: Sticky Chickweed
  • Other Names: Annual mouse-ear chickweed

Pest Details

Sticky Chickweed
Sticky Chickweed
Sticky Chickweed


Native to Europe, and now found throughout the United States.


An annual that reproduces from seeds. Seeds germinate in the fall, and mature plants can be found in the winter. Plants growing in the shade or in turf tend to have only a few branches, while those in the sun are widely branched and spreading.


Mature plants grow as tall as 15 inches. Stems are thin and weak, and tend to fall over easily. The stems, leaves, and leaf stalks are very hairy and somewhat sticky to the touch. Leaves are in pairs on opposite sides of the stem, and are oval and dark green. They may be on short stalks or no stalks. Flowers grow in dense clusters at the ends of the stems, and are small and white, with 5 petals that each has a deep notch at its top.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Annuals that germinate very early in the fall or winter. May be problems in turf that is not well maintained.

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