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Pest Information

Bushy Aster

Bushy Aster

  • Latin Name: Aster Dumosus
  • Common Name: Bushy Aster
  • Other Names: Rice button aster

Pest Details

Bushy Aster
Bushy Aster
Bushy Aster


Native to North America, and found throughout the entire eastern half of the United States, west to Texas.


A perennial weed that reproduces from seeds and spreads with an extensive system of rhizomes. Plants grow generally upright to sprawling, and may be bushy or may adapt to mowing and stay low to the soil. This is a common weed in poorly maintained turf, along roadsides, in waste areas and other disturbed sites.


Mature plants can grow to 2 feet in height or have more prostrate stems in mowed areas. Extensive branching gives it a bushy appearance, and stems are wiry. Leaves are alternate, narrow and elongate, with smooth margins. Flowers are small and daisy-like on long stalks, with a yellow center of disc flowers and white to pink, elongated ray flowers.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal may not be successful due to the rhizomes, and a systemic herbicide may be needed to effectively eliminate the plant. Heavy seed production is possible, and a pre-emergent product will help to prevent new seedlings.

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